Why should I have a professional home inspection?
A home purchase is one of the biggest investments you will ever make, and an inspection from HouseFacts Home Inspections helps provide the information you need to feel confident about your investment. After receiving our thorough, objective report detailing the home’s condition, you’ll be able to make a well informed decision.


What services do you provide?
HouseFacts Home Inspections offers multiple inspection services such as:
Complete Home Inspections, termite inspections, mold inspections, swimming pool & spa inspections, outbuilding inspections, and commercial property inspections.


How much does a home inspection service you offer cost?
The fee for a home inspection is determined by square footage of the home and any other additional services needed.


How long does an inspection take?
The process usually takes two to three hours depending on size, age and condition of the home and any additional services provided.


Do I need to be present during the inspection?
The goal of a home inspection is not just to inspect the property, but also to educate the homeowner or potential buyer about the property’s condition. This is better achieved if you are present at the time of the inspection.


Is the inspector licensed?   
Yes, we use only licensed professional home inspectors. We are licensed with the Arizona State Board of Technical Registration for home inspections. We are also licensed for Termite Inspections with the Arizona Department of Agriculture Office of Pest Management, and we are Mold Certified through the Professional Mold Institute.


I have a question about my inspection report?
If you have any questions regarding your report please call us:

West Valley 928-231-2223,  East Valley 480-353-9333 or E-mail us at Mark@hfhomeinspections.com


Can I add additional services to my scheduled inspection at the inspection site?
YES…additional services can often be added at the time of the inspection; however, it is always best to try and schedule them ahead of time to make sure enough time is allotted for the service and the inspectors have all the special equipment that may be required for certain services.


How will the inspection help me determine the condition of the home?
During the course of the inspection, the inspector will explain the condition of the property. You will also be provided with the HouseFacts Home Inspections Report to help you make an informed purchasing decision.


Do you do commercial property inspections?
Yes…HouseFacts Home Inspections offers inspection services for multiple dwelling and commercial properties.


I want to reschedule my inspection or I have a question about the appointment time?
Please call us: West Valley 928-231-2223, East Valley 480-353-9333 or E-mail us at Mark@hfhomeinspections.com


I cannot find the Inspection Report in my E-mail?
Often times the report will go into your spam or junk mail folder. Please look in those folders; if you still cannot find it please call us at: West Valley 928-231-2223,  East Valley 480-353-9333 or E-mail us at Mark@hfhomeinspections.com